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Advanced Cleanup Technologies Successfully Tests New Emission Control Technology

Los Angeles, CA - Advanced Cleanup Technologies Inc., one of the leading emergency response and hazardous waste management company, successfully tested its new emissions control technology on locomotive emissions at the Union Pacific rail yard in Roseville, California. The results were documented by an independent organization and released by Placer County Air Pollution Control District on April 2nd. The results were impressive, with emissions of sulfur dioxides reduced by 97.3 percent, particulate matter by 92.1 percent, and nitrogen oxides by 97.8 percent.

According to Ruben Garcia, President of ACTI, the first deployment of the maritime version, referred to as the Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System (AMECS), will be in the Port of Long Beach with testing to begin in July of this year.

Richard D. Steinke, Port of Long Beach Executive Director said,

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