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New emissions technology test announced

California company will shortly start tests of its shore-based scrubber technology at the Port of Long Beach, it was announced today.

Shore-based scrubber to be tested at Long Beach

According to Ruben Garcia, president of Advanced Cleanup Technologies Inc. (ACTI), testing will begin in July of its Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System (AMECS).

As reported by Bunkerworld, testing of the AMECS land version took place last year on locomotives.

The system involves a bonnet, which for the maritime version would be fitted over a ship's exhaust stack, and uses a series of scrubber processes to remove harmful compounds.

Locomotive tests reduced emissions of sulphur dioxide - the most common of the sulphur oxides (SOx) - by 97.3%, nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 97.8%, and particulate matter (PM) by 97.8%, according to the company with independent agency tests cited.

The AMECS will use of a sodium hydroxide scrubber to remove sulfur dioxide, a selective catalytic reduction reactor for removal of NOx, and a cloud chamber scrubber for the removal of particulate matter (PM) and hydrocarbons, ACTI said.

Other organizations involved in the locomotive test included the Union Pacific Railroad, the Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA - Region 9), and the California Air Resources Board (ARB), and ACTI envisages a similar partnership for its port testing.

"It is a model of cooperation that should be adopted on future emissions control projects," Garcia said today.

The Port of Long Beach was unable to provide any further details about the test programmed when contacted by Bunkerworld today.

Exhaust scrubbing systems for ships have taken centre-stage in the debate over ship emissions this year with scrubber manufacturers keen to inform the maritime industry over the benefits of the technology.

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