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Industrial Services - Clean Air, Clear Profits

Excerpt from Hispanic Enterprise, Bizbuzz

Successful businesses are built on satisfying a need. As the new millennium progresses, a need that can no longer be ignored is to clean up the mess we are making of our planet. Ruben Garcia has made cleaning up other people's industrial accidents into a multimillion-dollar industry. His company, Advanced Cleanup Technologies, Inc. in Rancho Dominguez, California, was inspired, he says, by the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. Since his company's founding he has not only cleaned up oil spills but a lagoon at Disneyland and Hurricane Katrina debris in New Orleans. Now, with an $8-million investment, he's tackling the air pollution caused by locomotives idling at train stations and ships docked in ports in a way that could set industry standards around the world, a report by BusinessWeek suggests. While in port, ocean-going ships continue to belch nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide into the air from the auxiliary diesel motors kept running non-stop to operate lights and cranes. The problem is so severe that kids around the Long Beach and Los Angeles port areas in California are showing more signs of asthma. Port authorities are telling shipping operators to cut in-port emissions by 50 percent over the next five years. In response, Garcia, who emigrated from Mexico to the U.S. as a boy, came up with a way to capture the exhaust in a rigid fabric hood and clean it with scrubbers. When given the chance to try out his device at the Union Pacific Corp. railroad yard, it cut emissions by 97 percent. Each one of these devices costs $8 million?his initial investment in the project but since they are capable of cleaning the emissions of several ships at once, their market would likely be ports and giant shipping corporations rather than small shipowners. Even at that price, it looks like an economical, viable answer to a filthy situation.

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