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Company Hopes Air Filtration System Stacks Up

Los Angeles Business Journal Staff

Ships at the Port of Long Beach will soon adorn some of their ship stacks with what looks like a bonnet. It’s not for fashion, but it does make a “green” statement. Advanced Cleanup Technologies, a Rancho Dominguez company best known for its cleanup of hazardous waste spills, has developed an exhaust filtration system using a “bonnetlike” filter for ships and locomotives. The filters weigh a half-ton, necessitating the use of a crane to place the device over a ship’s smokestack, where exhaust from diesel engines is captured and scrubbed of toxic air pollutants. An initial test last year showed the filtration system, named the Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System, or AMECS, captured at least 95 percent of major pollutants in ship diesel exhaust, port officials said. Last week, the port preliminarily approved as much as $2.4 million to test the long-term feasibility of AMECS. The test will assess costs, durability and other operational issues associated with the system, which costs $9 million and can be used individually on multiple ships. A final vote is expected later this month. Advanced Cleanup Chief Executive Ruben Garcia said the company saw cleaning up the ports as the same kind of business opportunity as cleaning up tanker spills on local freeways. “We’ve been working for five years on this technology,” Garcia said. “The bonnet was first applied to capture diesel soot from locomotives at a giant rail yard in Northern California, but then we thought it could work on container and tanker steamships.” Docked ships run their engines to power their electricity needs. The port has started equipping its shipping terminals with electric power that allows ships to shut down their diesel engines – known as “cold ironing” – but the filter could be used to cut pollution at berths that are not outfitted with shore power. The testing, which will start within a month and could last up to a year.


Garcia said he’s hoping to market the technology around the world after proving its success locally. The Business Journal wrote about Advanced Cleanup three years ago when the technology was under development.







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